The Accidental Carpenter

If you had picked up a National Enquirer magazine in the summer of 2001 you might have come across a headline that read “HighTech Manager Morphs into Carpenter”. Well, ok, that’s just me poking fun at myself. The reality is that after about nine years in technology related careers, I ended up a casualty of the dot-com crash. After interviewing with other high tech firms, I realized that I didn’t want to sit in a cubicle with a computer staring back at me.

High Tech to Low Tech

Lucky for me my brother (a contractor) needed help with some finish work on a high end home. It was meant to be a stop-gap job until I could figure out what career path I was to follow. Turns out I liked it, and was pretty adept at figuring things out. But it really wasn’t an accident. I’ve always had an interest in the construction trades, and have engaged in several home remodeling projects at my own home over the years. This includes finishing our second home on Vashon Island while still at my last high tech job.

Ready, Set, Go

After a couple years learning the ropes with my bro, I developed enough of a skill set to venture out on my own. Armed with a new truck, new contractor’s license (specialty license) and a shiny new cell phone, I cruised the neighborhoods, just waiting for homeowners to come scrambling out of their homes upon seeing my little red truck drive by. Actually, it was me who had to do the scrambling. But its paid off. I’m as busy as ever.

License Info

Lic #: HOMEW**967MH

Department of Labor link to my license info: click here

Expires: 07/08/2013

Insurance and Bonding Company: CBIC